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Laser Tattoo Removal


Laser TATTOO Removal:

The first step is a Consultation.

🌻 At the consultation, we will evaluate your Tattoo many different ways...

 type?, where is it?, how long have you had it?, what color?, what size?, how many?,

          what type of ink?, how deep?, etc.   (The Consultation is at no charge.)

🌻 If you are very comfortable with our Office, and with the full evaluation of your Tattoo...

           we will begin with your first laser treatment... at this same visit!

🌻 The First laser treatment is ALWAYS $99...(no matter how big/small).

🌻 Most people say the laser does not hurt. If it bothers you, we have ice packs, numbing cream,

          and other ways to make you comfortable.

🌻 If you can, text me a pic of your tatt please.

          ...are you ready to make an appointment?

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