Laser Tattoo Removal

"I could not believe how quickly my tattoo began to fade. It was nearly gone after just one treatment!"                        -J.L., Midland TX

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Laser Tattoo Removal

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How Much Does It Cost?

Your First Session is ONLY $99.00!

A single treatment takes 45 Minutes or Less

We will learn together how many sessions it will take for a complete removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal is


How Long Does It Take?

Does It Hurt?

Does It Work?

Can you put a dinner plate through your sink's garbage disposal?


Yes! If you break the plate with a hammer and continue to pound the pieces until they get smaller and smaller, they will eventually turn into powder. 

If you turn on the water and the disposal motor, you can pour your powdered plate down the drain and it will be gone forever.

Now you understand how Laser Tattoo Removal works. Super quick pulses of laser beam light/energy pass through your skin and collide with the ink particles of your tattoo. These particles break into smaller particles, and once the particles are small enough, your body is turned on and it's own disposal gets rid of the colors of ink forever.


The laser does not remove the tattoo, it allows your body to remove the tattoo.

At Tattoo Removal Midland,

we will remove your tattoo


than most other laser clinics. 

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