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Laser Nail Fungus Treatments

Laser Nail Fungus Treatments


The first step is a Consultation.

At the consultation, we will evaluate your toe nails (and finger nails if needed). 

We will long have you had this, what kind of remedies have you tried, how is your general health, etc.

If you are very comfortable with our Office, and the full Evaluation, we will laser your Nails at this same visit!

The first treatment is always $199...this is to laser ALL 10 ...even if only one nail is currently affected!

        (...this is because fungus is so contagious)

AFTER the first treatment, you will come back every 4 weeks...$99 each visit...

          until you have grown out New & Healthy nails. 

Are you ready to make your first appointment?

Our Certified Laser Technician at Tattoo Removal Midland uses the Q-Yag 5

Laser for Nail Fungus Treatments. 

This specialized Nd-YAG Laser delivers high pulses of 

fungus eliminating energy and is FDA Approved.

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